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Best Kate Spade Bag Collections for Women in Every Occasion

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Bags are one of the necessities in the world of women’s fashion. Its role as a multifunctional item makes it often sought after as a container for women’s small things. Even today, various well-known bag brands are present to complement the needs of women. Best Kate Spade Bag is no exception. Kate Spade is a famous brand from New York. The popularity of this brand has spread to 180 countries in the world, including Indonesia.

Since her first guerrilla in the fashion world, Kate Spade has created various things: handbags, wallets, clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. For bags only, Kate Spade has a collection including crossbody bags, tote bags, satchels, backpacks, mini bags, laptop bags, travel bags, and handbag accessories. With a long journey, this brand has become the choice for Indonesian women. However, this discussion will discuss the Small and Simple Kate Spade Bag. Of course, you can use this as a reference bag to hang out or attend a company or family party.

Here is a complete explanation of the mini bag collection from Kate Spade that you need to know. This is it, the best Kate Spade Bag Collections for you.

Spencer Small Dome

This small bag is ready to accompany your day gathering with colleagues. Spencer’s small dome comes with luxury in every part of the bag. It is made of saffiano leather, which is soft to the touch. It has maximum quality, so it is durable and easy to clean. It has a zipper that will lock the whereabouts of your belongings while in the bag. At the same time, the inside is lined with jacquard patterned flowers. There is a long rope combined with a gold chain. Don’t forget the Kate Spade logo perched on the top and right in the middle.

Spencer’s small dome has four color variants: black, tutu pink, warm beige, and green jay. You can choose the colors according to your wishes.

Astrid Medium Camera Best Kate Spade Bag

Jual kate spade Astrid Medium Camera Bag Crushed Watermelon Sultan Store
Do you need a stylish camera bag? Astrid Medium Camera Bag provides answers to your questions. This mini bag released by Kate Spade is here to make your days full of joy. Having an ample space offers enough space for your small camera—Astrid Medium Camera Bag made of pebbled leather with better quality over time. Having a strap with attractive accents gives this bag a glamorous impression. The elongated box shape supports your casual look. Ready to go hang out or hunt for instagrammable photos.
Favorite color is parchment. However, there are many color variants that you can adjust to your personality.

Knott Medium Saddle Bag

knott medium saddle crossbody | Kate Spade New York
There is something unique about the Knott Medium Saddle Bag. This bag has a thick and sturdy semi-circle shape. The smaller size is enough for cellphones, wallets, and other small items. Has a magnetic snap fastener flap for closure. They are equipped with one pocket that you can use for various things. This tiny bag is made of smooth Italian leather and is PVC-coated, making the color look dove. Having a ribbon accessory makes the Knott Medium Saddle Bag different, and you will look girly. Available colors are yucca, black, parchment, chalk pink multi, and crushed watermelon.

Smile Gingham Small Shoulder Bag

Jual Kate Spade Smile Gingham Small Shoulder Bag Original | ZALORA Indonesia ®s are currently on the rise. Kate Spade also issued a best seller product that is different from the others. The Smile Gingham Small Shoulder Bag is the iconic shoulder bag from Kate Spade. If you like full-color bags, you are perfect for using this patterned bag. Consistent boxes create the Smile Gingham Small Shoulder Bag that will make you look classy—made of fabric with red multi and black multi patterns. This model is made to perfection.

Knott stripe medium satchel

knott stripe medium satchel | SATCHELS | Kate Spade Australia
Knott stripe medium satchel provides the best experience on your every trip. It is designed with a beautiful combination of several colors—namely red, white, pink, peach, and cream. You can use this type of mini handbag for formal occasions. You can pair it with your favorite long dress. Another uniqueness, the Knott stripe medium satchel provides an optional strap that you can adjust the length of the short if you want to style freely. Made of pebbled leather with pin mount logo and has a dog-clip closure. This bag depicts inner joy in various moments. Start choosing this bag to fill the void in your bag wardrobe. Looking freestyle is what you want, right?!

Spade Flower Jacquard Remedy Small Top-Handle Bag

Jual kate spade Remedy Spade Flower Small Top-Handle Bag Red Currant Sultan Store
Kate Spade is releasing a superior product that is equipped with several characteristics. This Top-Handle Bag is made of jacquard material. Jacquard is a unique fabric. It has a natural weave pattern that gives a textured touch to Kate Spade’s signature floral pattern. The Spade Flower Jacquard Remedy Small Top-Handle Bag results from Kate Spade’s collaboration with a well-known fabric manufacturer who has created this bag to perfection.
In the Spade Flower Jacquard Remedy Small Top-Handle Bag interior, you can use three card slots optimally. You are also provided with a flexible shoulder strap. It only provides one pattern at its best, namely blue multi. Are you ready to go on edge with this Spade Flower Jacquard Remedy Small Top-Handle Bag?!

The Little Better Sam Embroidered Nylon Mini Tote

Women's crushed watermelon the little better sam nylon mini tote | Kate Spade New York
The Little Better Sam Embroidered Nylon Mini Tote has a square shape with firm sides. They are made of nylon material with five tonal flowers adorning the front and back. This bag became a favorite of New York women in the 1993’s. With a charming design, it’s no wonder Career women around the world still ogle the Little Better Sam Embroidered Nylon Mini Tote. This mini tote bag has a zip-top drop closure and has plenty of room for your cell phone. Provides an optional 22-inch strap. Kate Spade has only released one color on The Little Better Sam Embroidered Nylon Mini Tote, which is black.

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Roulette Top-Handle Crossbody

Kate Spade Leather Roulette Top-handle Crossbody in Black - Lyst
Kate Spade’s latest designs don’t stop there. You will be greeted with a Roulette Top-Handle Crossbody mini bag suitable for you to use for a wedding party. Featuring a simple and minimalist shape, this bag is enough for your cellphone and money. There are ten card slots on the right and left. Having a full chain shoulder strap will give an elegant impression of your outfit. It is made in dove color with a soft pebbled leather texture. Ready to accompany your every step.

Thus is the Small and Simple Kate Spade Bag to make a solution for various beautiful moments in your life. Happiness is ready to be approached with this Kate Spade. Start filling the closet with a collection of bags from Kate Spade. Walk with faith every time with the best Kate Spade Bag collections.


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