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Coach Bag for Women

Are you looking for the best model bag this year? Indeed you are one of the many people who are constantly updated...

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Are you looking for the best model bag this year? Indeed you are one of the many people who are constantly updated with the latest bag designs. The bag style that is on the rise for some time is the handbag design. If you are an office worker, the Coach bag for women is perfect for you to use to go to the office.

You need to know that there are well-known bag brands from abroad that have mushroomed and become the choice of Indonesian women. Who doesn’t know Coach brand bags? This American product supports the style of Indonesian women all the time. Coach issued various product variants, including handbags. You don’t need to doubt the quality anymore. All original products from Coach have premium quality, luxury, and class.

We are sure you will want to have this bag soon. If you’ve never had branded handbags before, you can use Coach handbags as a solution. There are many variations of models that you can choose from. There are even two straps that you can use for a sling bag or handbag. What are the types? Here is a line of Premium Coach bag for women that you must know:

Coach Bag for Women Tyler Carryall 28/SGD 550

A handbag with a minimalist design is suitable for you to use to go to the office or specific events. The Tyler Carryall has a sleek and multifunctional body. You can use it to store your smartphone and other small items.

Tyler Carryall has three color variants, namely black, white, and blue. The color is exquisite and quirky when combined with the clothes you wear. For details, this bag has a size of 29cm x 23cm x 12 cm. It has a pebble skin texture and looks charming.

Willis Top Handle 18 With/SGD 750

This design is no less luxurious. The Willis Top Handle 18 With is inspired by an authentic New York heritage design redesigned to give it a special touch. This bag, introduced in the 1990s, gives the appearance of a dowel frame that makes this bag very popular with Indonesian women.

The Willis Top Handle 18 With is made of quilted Nappa leather and features a turn-lock. With a size of 18cm x 16.5cm x 9.5cm, this bag is suitable for everyday activities. There are three types of colors that you can choose, namely black, chalk, and rouge.


Field Tote With Coach Badge

If you often carry many things or documents with you when you go to the office, this bag is perfect to accompany your days at work. Compared to other designs, the Field Tote With Coach Badge has more space. These handbags are made of leather with a rough texture like pebbles and polished, looking luxurious and elegant. The design is very trendy and modern. Perfect for complementing your casual style.

This bag uses a snap closure. The Field Tote With Coach Badge has two straps, namely a long strap for a sling bag which is 60 cm, and a short strap for a handbag which is 14.5 cm long.

This bag has a size of 30cm x 30cm x 15.5cm and is equipped with four legs as protection at the bag base. Field Tote With Coach Badge has two color choices, namely taffy and green.

Field Tote 30 In Signature Jacquard

Coach bags are indeed famous for their aesthetics and are different from other branded bags. You can use the Field Tote 30 In Signature Jacquard to go to the office as one of your bag collections. This bag made of lightweight signature jacquard is indeed designed to be very flexible and multifunctional. These Coach handbags have plenty of room for your belongings. Also equipped with the best-zippered pocket from Coach that you can use to store your cellphone or wallet. For the cover, the Field Tote 30 In Signature Jacquard features a snap closure covered in fabric. So, it is safe for you to wear while traveling.

There are four types of colors on this Coach bag: navy midnight navy, taffy, marble blue azure, and ivory. You also need to know, this bag with a size of 30cm x 23cm x 15.5cm has a bubble-like pattern on the front and back. It helps you to look glamorous.

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Field Tote 22 In Colorblock With Coach Badge

Field Tote 22 In Colorblock With Coach Badge is designed to accompany your busy days and require a lot of time at the office. You can make a Coach bag with the best leather material to solve your documents and personal belongings. Having a rough texture that is polished with colorblock adds to the uniqueness of this branded bag. This tote bag is also equipped with a lightweight woven strap that can be used as a shoulder bag variation with 62cm. Like other field totes, the Field Tote 22 In Colorblock With Coach Badge also uses a snap closure. Inside, there is also one small room with a zipper to put your small things in.

Field Tote 22 In Colorblock With Coach Badge has 22cm x 21cm x 12cm. With 4 feet on the bottom of the bag to protect the bag from dirt. It has two types of colors that make you look more feminine, namely rouge multi and chalk multi. How have you started to have an idea of which coach bag for women to choose?

Field Tote 40 In Organic Cotton Canvas

This is what’s unique about the Coach bag. Commitment to caring for the environment is embodied in the latest bag models. Field Tote 40 In Organic Cotton Canvas is made from organic cotton without using harmful chemical fertilizers, then coated with a layer made from recycled materials.

This coach bag for women handbag has a vast size, which is 40cm x 36.5cm x 20cm. Very fit to accommodate your needs while in the office. Your 15-inch laptop can fit into this field tote. There are two ropes, a short cord measuring 15cm and a long string measuring 60cm.

Don’t ask again about the quality of Coach’s products. Premium quality and multifunction are beneficial in your daily life. For the price, it is in the range of Rp. 500,000-Rp. 5000,000. It fits perfectly with the quality and aesthetics of these items. When else do you have a branded bag if you don’t start now. It’s time to look stylish with the Coach bag for women.


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