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Recommendation of Dr. Martens Shoes for Work

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Dr Martens is an overseas brand that has become the choice of people in various countries.  Its presence, which has existed since the 1990s, is well known in various circles.  Until now, Dr.  Martens managed to make hundreds of shoe models for both men and women, including Dr. Martens shoes for work.


Every time Dr Martens always releases a unique and attractive shoe model.  More than that, the products released are exclusive, and some superior products are produced in limited editions.  If you notice, Dr.  Martens always releases loafers or boots made of premium leather.

Why Dr. Marten Shoes for Work?

If you are a worker, Dr.  Martens shoes for work are perfect for supporting your appearance while in the office.  The bold cut and elegant colors will make you the center of attention and confidence.  You can choose shoes according to your taste easily.  Many choices and color variations will certainly make you do a lot of consideration before buying.

In this discussion, you will get references to the types of Dr.Martens shoes suitable for workers.  So that your days are satisfied and comfortable when wearing Dr.  this martens.  Here are the recommendations of Dr.  Martens Shoes for work.

1461 Mono Smooth Leather Oxford Dr. Martens shoes for work

Consistent touch of black from the tip, stitching, sole, laces, to the heel-loop makes Mono Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes ready to show their charisma.  With the advantage of being made of smooth and lightweight leather, then polished to a glossy finish, it is a must to use these shoes to work.  Shoes made on air-cushioned soles will provide natural comfort as long as you wear them.

Mono Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes has 2 color choices, namely black and white.  both have a consistent color from tip to toe.  Can be used for men or women with size guide 36-51 for men and 36-43 for women.

8053 Crazy Horse Leather Casual Shoes

Dr.  Martens is constantly releasing unisex shoes.  If you are bored with black shoes, Crazy Horse Leather is right for you who like casual style when you go to work.  Dr.  Martens invites you to look eccentric with brown shoes.  It seems that they are designed differently; these shoes have 5 pairs of eyes with padding on the ankles that will make you feel at home in these shoes for long.  Dr.’s signature yellow stitch.  Martens attached to the hem of the shoe will strengthen and have good durability.

Boyle Men’s Grizzly Leather Slip On Shoes

Boyle Men’s Grizzly Leather is here to give you the solution if you don’t like strappy shoes.  Slip-On Shoes belonging to Dr.  These martens are also no less cool compared to the others.  Boyle Men’s Grizzly Leather is ready to accompany your busy life while at the office with dark brown, black, and tan colors.  Made with premium heavyweight leather with a fine grained finish.  To support your style, you better use pants with cotton or linen to complete your casual look.  And use a slim fit cut to make your appearance more fashionable.

1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots

For freelancers, this boot is perfect for you to wear at various events.  Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots are made of classic leather and feature grooved sides with stitches attached to the sole and heel-loop.  Bots from Dr.  These martens have 8 pairs of eyelets for aesthetically pleasing ropes.  There is also a black and yellow tag on the heel to give an elegant impression and show the identity of the shoes released by Dr.  Martens.  Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots are polished with a glossy finish so they look neat.

This best-seller has 12 color variations: white, black, steel grey, peppermint green, acid pink, orange, cherry red, yellow, red, blue, navy, and green.  Just choose according to your favorite color.

1461 Women’s Patent leather Oxford Shoes

Ready to welcome summer by looking charming.  Like brilliant ideas, the design of the Women’s Patent leather Oxford Shoes is inspired by the summer months bleached by the sun.  This shoe is made of patent lamper which makes all sides of the shoe sparkle.  Has a fine grained texture.  There are 3 pairs of holes for the black strap.  Of course, it features ydr. ellow stitching that faithfully follows the edge of the shoe sole.

These shoes are specifically for hardworking women.  The color variants given are also girly and look calm.  There are black, pink and white colors.  Start looking beautiful and elegant with these Women’s Patent leather Oxford Shoes.

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Things You Need to Understand When Buying Shoes

Owning branded goods was your dream for a long time.  Look stylish with well-known brands favorite British workers.  However, do not let you buy the wrong product.  Along with the development of the times, the imitation products of Dr.  Martens are growing.  You have to be careful and wise when deciding to buy branded goods.  Start by recognizing the difference between the original and the counterfeit.  There are several things that you should pay attention to, the following is an explanation.


To avoid the possibility of buying fake/counterfeit goods, you must choose the official outlet of the brand you want to buy.  You can also visit the nearest mall or official online store to buy original goods.  Don’t be easily tempted by the discounts provided by the store if you don’t have an official certificate.


Look for information related to the price of the branded goods you are after.  You can check it through the company’s website which explains in more detail about the products offered.  Next, you can see the original price.  Don’t be tempted by cheap prices, because well-known branded products will provide quality and comfort for their customers.

Box & Label

Branded goods certainly have attractive packaging and have labels in them.  If you buy shoes, it will be equipped with a box with attractive and elegant colors and equipped with an official logo, care manual, and silica gel.  So, if the product you buy is a branded product, but doesn’t have good packaging, it’s worth asking.


Branded products are very concerned about neatness.  You can see the stitching quality of the shoes you buy.  Because it has been recognized as a well-known product, you will not find messy stitches.  All done with care and produce shoes without flaws.

This is an explanation of Dr. Martens shoes for work.  You also have to pay close attention to avoid your belongings.  Dr.  Martens is the flagship product every year.  You don’t have to worry about quality and comfort.  An easy way to clean shoes is perfect for those who are too busy with work and don’t have time to clean shoes.

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