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How to Maintain Dr Martens 1460 Shoes at Home

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Dr Martens 1460 is a shoe series from DocMart, a well-known brand with premium quality, which is classic and also loved by many people. Its premium and strong leather quality makes it a favorite for many occasions, such as attending parties, work, and even hangouts.

Although Dr Martens 1460 is a classic series that is known for its strength and quality, some special care is needed to make these shoes last longer and not easily damaged. We will give you some classic Dr Marten treatment tips that you can do on a regular basis.

Wiping the Leather of Dr Martens 1460

The leather part of Dr Martens shoes is the part that requires special attention. If you don’t clean it properly, there is a chance that this part of the skin will smell bad.

After arriving home, you can wipe the leather with a wet tissue. If the shoes are too dirty, you can wash them with soap and water.

Choose the Right Soap

Some soaps will have an adverse effect on the leather material. We recommend that you use a bath soap that is proven to have a smooth formula and does not damage the leather. If you need help, you can use a sponge to wash dishes with a smooth surface.

Wash the Shoe Laces

The shoe laces are the part of the shoe that gets dirty the most. Sometimes, you don’t notice the dust or stains stuck to it. For that, you have to remove the shoe laces from the shoe, then wash it separately. After that, you can dry it and put it back on the shoe.

Clean the Footwear

Although durable, shoe soles are easier to get dirty because they are exposed to floors and other dirt. It’s easier to clean the base than other parts, but many people forget to clean the base so the dirt becomes crusty. Routinely, clean the shoe sole so that dirt is lost and does not cause crust.

Wait until dry

Shoes that are not dry will cause an unpleasant odor and also cause a lot of mold. After cleaning your shoes, you can make sure they are completely dry before you put them on.

You already know the various ways to treat Dr Martens 1460. Dr Martens 1460 shoes are of good quality but the price is a little more expensive. If you want a quality but cheaper Dr Marten, you can buy a secondhand one.

We provide some tips for buying secondhand Dr Marten shoes with good quality.

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Buy on Trusted Platform

Platforms like eBay, for example, don’t allow counterfeit items to be marketed under the name of the real item. You can trust eBay to buy the real Dr Marten. See descriptions and names of items for sale.

See the price of Dr Martens 1460

Although cheaper, authentic goods will certainly not be sold at a price that is too cheap. If you see an authentic item at a price that is too cheap, it may be a fake. Buy shoes at a realistic price.

Check Item Condition

The seller will provide a description of the condition of the used goods they are selling. You can ask them to take a clearer picture of your shoes for you.

Choose What’s Still Good

Used shoes that are still good will be more fun to buy. You can choose Doc Mart shoes with quality above 80% or don’t look like second hand.

With Dr Martens 1460, you will look more edgy. These shoes are also comfortable to use for any occasion with the shade that can suit any clothes!


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