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Best and Luxurious LV Bags for Women of Any Occasion

Indonesian women are women who pay attention to appearance. They always want to look perfect with all the outfits worn. Starting from...

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Indonesian women are women who pay attention to appearance. They always want to look perfect with all the outfits worn. Starting from clothes, accessories to shoes. Everything did not escape the attention of women. Bags are no exception. This item is genuinely multifunctional for women’s needs. Be practical and fashionable with a variety of trendy and easy-to-carry bag models like LV bags

To look more beautiful and confident, you can use a branded bag to complement your outfit. Just use a Louis Vuitton bag. Louis Vuitton, often abbreviated as LV, is a company with various products, including bags. Louis Vuitton is a brand from France that is already popular in multiple countries, including Indonesia.

All countries have recognized that Louis Vuitton’s bags are luxury bags at high prices. No kidding, until now, the cost per product reaches tens of millions of rupiah. Of course, it’s worth it with the model and quality of the goods offered. No wonder LV bags are mostly the choice for wealthy people around the world.

Don’t worry; now, you can have LV bags at affordable prices. Not tens of millions. You can buy it for no more than a million, especially for teenagers who want to look eccentric with this branded bag. This could be a solution for you—counterfeit Louis Vuitton for Teenagers. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to before buying this KW item. To be disguised and still appear confident. Here are things you need to pay attention to when deciding to buy KW goods.


In the online marketplace, there must be a lot of expensive brand imitation goods. Even though it’s a KW item, you have to pay attention to the quality of the product. Do not get goods of fake quality. Well, for how you can see the rating in the comments column of the buyers. There are lots of buyer comments that you can take into consideration. Even if KW goods are from abroad or locally, always make sure the goods you will buy are of the maximum quality.

Know the Original Model

This is the key that you must pay attention to before buying KW goods. Try first to browse the latest LV models. People who update these branded products know all the LV bag models. Don’t just pay attention to the LV logo, but don’t know the latest Louis Vuitton bags. You can do this by visiting the official Louis Vuitton website. Make sure the bag you buy is precisely the same as the original model of LV bags


Before buying a Louis Vuitton KW bag, make sure there is a gold LV logo on the front of the bag. This logo is an identity that the bag you are wearing is a Louis Vuitton brand. This logo is in the center of the pack. A shiny gold color makes your bag look luxurious, like an original Louis Vuitton bag.

That’s what you should pay attention to before buying a Louis Vuitton KW bag. As stated above, you must know the models of Louis Vuitton bags first. The company, founded in 1854, has issued various bag models updated from year to year. No wonder if until now, Louis Vuttion has hundreds of bag models that are ready to accompany your days. Especially for teenagers, the following models will make your appearance look stylish and attractive. Here’s a Louis Vuitton bag recommendation for teenagers.

Easy Pouch on Strap

This bag, with a sleek design, is made of soft-grained cowhide. Easy Pouch on Strap has its characteristics. Namely, there are two straps—leather strap and chain. You can take it off and choose one to hang the bag on your shoulder. This silver chain accent gives the LV bag a touch of luxury. The color choices are black, quartz, celestial blue, and rose ballerina. These neutral and pastel colors are perfect for teenage girls to look girly all day long. With a zipper lock, your belongings will be safe in the bag.

Lockme Bucket

LV output bags are designed with flexibility. We can use it as best as possible and according to your taste. Lockme Bucket comes with a flexible design with a drawstring lock. They are made of premium cowhide with unquestionable quality.

With Lockme Bucket, you can use it with the preference of a handbag or shoulder bag. Choose whatever you want. This fashionable bag looks casual with the colors greige, black, and Arizona.

LV Bags Petit Sac Plat

Petit Sac Plat is one of the LV bags products that will be released in 2021. This bag has a unique shape made of fine-grained embossed Empreinte monogram leather with various other aesthetic ornaments. The box shape with sharp corners characterizes this Petit Sac Plat as a miniature replica of the sac plate. This bag is small in size and only for your small items.

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Papillon BBPapillon BB Monogram Empreinte Leather - Handbags | LOUIS VUITTON

This one bag is suitable for active women. The adorable design is complemented by a round coin purse that sits on the strap of the bag. Papillon BB is made of pastel Empreite monogram leather with a gradient monogram print and shaped like a cylinder with a gold zipper lock. This bag is an exclusive LV model that you must have.

Palm Springs Mini

mini canvas duffle bag,

Louis Vuitton provides bags for all ages. Don’t miss the teenage years. Palm Springs Mini is a bag with a backpack model that you can use at various moments. You can use it to hang out with your friends. This backpack has two compartments. One large room and one small room that you can use to store your things, such as your cellphone or earphones.

The Palm Springs Mini is an LV-selected reverse monogram canvas backpack with a soft texture. This bag measures 6.7 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches. There is a gold LV logo on the front center. Then what will make you comfortable is the foam-lined strap. This bag has a matching blend of light brown and dark brown.

Carry It

Louis Vuitton Carry it Bag | Bragmybag

Like the Palm Springs Mini, the Carry It is made of LV’s iconic monogrammed canvas. However, this bag has a tote bag model with the bonus of a small pouch inside that you can use as a purse or a place for other small items. This tote bag is suitable for teenagers who want to look trendy with typical LV motifs. This luxury will complete your casual look anytime.

Carry It measures 14.6 x 15.4 x 1.2 inches. This tote bag is multifunctional and fits the size of your school book.

Those are the recommendations for Louis Vuitton bags that you can use as references before buying LV imitation products. Get to know the designs first. It’s time to look modern with Louis Vuitton. Live the days with happiness and joy with your beloved friends. Ready to look feminine and fashionable anywhere and anytime with LV bags


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