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Pumpkin Costume and Face Paint Ideas

One of the costumes or makeup ideas for Halloween that you must consider is pumpkin. Because you will never be out of...

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One of the costumes or makeup ideas for Halloween that you must consider is pumpkin. Because you will never be out of fashion with a pumpkin costume or makeup. As it is very suitable for a Halloween theme. Pumpkin costumes can make you look adorable, creepy, terrifying, etc. You can do anything with your pumpkin costume! It can be both very interesting and fascinating at the same time. You will never go wrong in your Halloween fashion by wearing a pumpkin costume. Or you can create pumpkin makeup with face painting for your Halloween events too. In this article, I will show you Pumpkin Costume and Face Paint Ideas that you must see. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Coolest Pumpkin Head in a Jar Costume


This is a costume that can be worn for a 9 year old kid. This will make you look tall, even taller than normal people! And definitely, it will create creepy vibes. This costume is made using a rolling backpack with the handle being pulled up made the head stand over 6ft tall. Also, it used burlap sacks to make an old looking cloak and then used a clear empty Cheetos bucket to put the head in. The lightweight stick is attached to the handle to make shoulders then attached clothes hangers the ends to make swinging arms. It is a very simple, affordable, easy, yet fabulous Halloween pumpkin costume. Very recommended for you try this costume for your Halloween events.

Source: Coolest Homemade Costumes

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Pumpkin Face Painting

Applying face painting or makeup as a pumpkin is not something impossible to do for your Halloween events. You can do it with an affordable makeup up and turns out looking absolutely gorgeous! The source of the picture above comes from this Instagram post.

Generally, if you want to recreate that look or create your own version of pumpkin makeup or face painting for your Halloween events, all you need are Black liquid eyeliner to emphasize the area around your eyes, Orange face paint and Black face paint to create the pumpkin makeup, Green face paint (optional) that can be used to create pumpkin leaves and or vines around you if you want to, and also Glitter in black, green, and orange (optional) to create more sparkles to your makeup and make an emphasize so that it can shine more. You can also add fake blood if you want to go to a creepier pumpkin look for your Halloween makeup. Also, wearing a pair of contact lenses with striking colours can make you look more attractive too. You can wear it in the same or different colours according to your taste.

Source: The Mummy Front

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Creepy DIY Rotting Pumpkin Costume


This is quite a complicated Halloween costume. But it is worth it. You can start by making the skirt. Pretty simple. You just need to use some brown tulle and then cut the edges up to make it very jagged. Buy a cheap pumpkin prop and tear the orange netting off. Then, attach it around the waist of the skirt.  You can sew fake leaves and orange string lights under the first layer of tulle. Next, sew vines around the skirt.  The shirt is just a green bodysuit from Amazon but you can sew orange and brown patches on it.

Next, you can use instamorph moldable plastic to make my stem, fingernails and maggots to put in the rotting spots. Moulded and twisted the fingernails to make them have the appearance of tree branches. Then painted them both using non-toxic paint. You can take an old pair of brown compact boots and thread some vines and raffia around them.

The last prop that is being made was the farmers head on a stake. Paint the mask flesh-toned, stuff a beanie and wrap the mask around that. Glued a fake eye in one socket and used a hot glue gun to create the look of the missing eye in the other and stuck a pumpkin carving knife in the missing eye socket. Used an old cowboy hat and the hair of an old wig to compete with the farmer look.  You can use latex to make the rotting spots and also apply the maggots. You can use the latex and make holes in the arms to stick random pieces of vines in to make it appear they were growing out of you. Then, use the latex to form the pumpkin carvings around your face and to attach your stem. Next, use body paint and paint the whole body orange to make you look like a real pumpkin. For the rotting spots, you can paint the inside black and brown and used KY Jelly to give it a gooey rotting appearance. Lastly, glue some moss around the horn and add an orange wig with some moss attached. Here you go! Your pumpkin Halloween costume and looks are ready!

Source: Coolest Homemade Costumes

Jumping Jack-O-Lantern!


Kids usually want something extra creative for their Halloween costumes. If you want to recreate this Halloween costume, all you need is Orange Fleece fabric (pumpkin-coloured), Yellow Fleece fabric (inside pumpkin), Dark Green Fleece fabric (colour of pumpkin vines), Orange mesh fabric (stiff) netting material, Matching thread for all material, Bean Bag sewing pattern (available in fabric stores), Poly Fiber stuffing (available in fabric or craft stores), Black 1 1/2 inch elastic (2 yards), Package of Velcro, Sewing matching, Straight Pins, Small rotary cutter or really good small scissors that do precise cuts, Freezer Paper, Pencil or marker, 8 battery operated tea lights (flickering ones are better). You can find the full step by step guides on how to make this adorable pumpkin costume here: Instructables

Halloween has always been one of the most favourite holidays not only just for kids, but for all of the people who love to celebrate it (including me). All in all, I hope you can find some inspiration after reading this article. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned so that you can receive more fashion tips from this website! See you later!


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