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Samsonite Backpack and Other Bag for Travelling

Traveling requires you to carry a lot of things. However, what if you are lazy to take a suitcase that is too...

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Traveling requires you to carry a lot of things. However, what if you are lazy to take a suitcase that is too big? You can entrust this to the Samsonite Backpack and other types of backpacks that can turn into suitcases.

While you can treat these bags like suitcases, they are not heavy and can hold much stuff.

You’ll love taking the Samsonite Backpack and other backpacks with you anywhere you want.

Now, we will provide various recommendations for the best suitcase backpacks for traveling.

Check out our offers and make your traveling experience even more valuable.

Tumi Merge International Expandable Carry-On Storm

Jual Koper Tumi Merge International Expandable Carry - On - Storm - Jakarta  Barat - ITSSNEAKER.ID | Tokopedia

Do you travel a lot and don’t know how much you should bring with you to your destination? You may not be able to guess how many items you buy during the holidays. Instead of buying new bags when traveling, you can bring this series of bags from TUMI.

The space in the pack is expandable, so this bag can adjust to the things you want to carry. This bag has a compact and universal design. It is also durable. Thus, it will be your best choice.

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eGeeTouch Smart Luggage

eGeeTouch - How to Unlock with Smartphone - - Smart Luggage Lock (Dual  Access) - YouTube

If you often forget your suitcase code number and want your luggage to be safe, you’ll love the discovery of the  eGeeTouch Smart Luggage. This futuristic suitcase is equipped with a smart lock that can only be opened and closed via your smartphone.

Luggage with advanced features like this is more secure and durable, so it is difficult to break into. You can put your important business documents in this smart suitcase or valuables.

Samsonite Backpack OpenRoad Rolling Laptop Bag

Jual Samsonite Openroad Backpack Tas Laptop [15.6 Inch] Terbaru Juni 2021 |  Blibli

If you often go on business trips, this is the bag for you. This bag consists of several layers that you can use to store gadgets, laptops, tablets, and essential documents up to 16.4 inches.

You can also keep some clothes and other necessary items such as a power bank or toiletries.

For those of you who like small and straightforward suitcases, this is the best choice. The size of this suitcase is also not too big.

Navy Club 15 Inch Office Luggage Bag 2 Wheels | Foldable Luggage Bag with Spinner wheels, Expandable  Collapsible Rolling Duffel Bag, Carry On Luggage 22x14x9/Checked Luggage  for Travel (2 in 1), Red | Suitcases

If your budget is not too big, this is the suitcase for you. The capacity is big enough for a business trip or going out of town for 1-2 nights.

For those of you who work while traveling, there are special pockets for laptops and folders.

Palomino Camelia

Jual TAS TRAVEL Palomino Camelia Travelbag- Blue ORI di Lapak zoeyshop987 |  Bukalapak

This bag is the right choice for anyone, both men and women.

Camelia is a multifunctional bag that you can pull like a suitcase, carried as a handbag, and even used as a backpack. The black color looks elegant and simple.

You can take this bag anywhere and on various occasions. The price of this flexible bag is quite affordable.

Either Samsonite Backpack, Palomino, or Tumi have attractive features and quality materials to accompany you on many trips.

Traveling, mountain climbing, business trips, all will be more complete and fun with a suitable backpack! Choose the Samsonite Backpack or other preferred bag in the online store


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