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Magnificent Skirt Pencil Styles for Formal Meeting

Some woman loves to wear the skirt pencil attire on a formal occasion. This outfit really creates a powerful and professional impression....

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Some woman loves to wear the skirt pencil attire on a formal occasion. This outfit really creates a powerful and professional impression. You will look fabulous too when wearing this outfit to the office.

Before we go to the recommendation, first I want to introduce you to the guide on how to wear the pencil skirt. Let’s see the tips to wear this skirt style to the office.

Make Sure It is Not Too Short

Some skirt comes in a short design, which is sexy. However, it will be better if you do not wear a too-short skirt to the office. It makes you look not too professional, moreover if your office has rules about what to wear and what not to wear at the office.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Some skirts are made too tight to give a compact impression. However, if the skirt you are wearing is too narrow, you will feel uncomfortable and not focus on working. We recommend you to use a skirt that is not too narrow.

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Match with Clothes

Instead, you choose a skirt with a color that matches the clothes you are wearing. This will give harmony and balance to your appearance. You will also look more attractive.

Combine with Blouse

You can combine a pencil skirt with any clothes you want, but trust us, the blouse is the best pair to the pencil skirt. Try this trick and thank us later!

Are you ready to choose the right skirt for going to the office? Check out our recommendations here.

Black Pencil Skirt

Black color always gives a lot of good impressions. The first impression is how professional you are using this pencil skirt. The second impression is that you will look slimmer. Pair it with a white formal blouse and you will look very professional, elegant, and of course minimalist.

Patterned Skirt Pencil

If you are bored with the color of the pencil skirt that is too monotonous, you can try a pencil skirt that is more charming and cheerful, like the one we gave above. This pencil skirt uses a festive pattern, making your look grab the attention of many people. However, if you want to use this pencil patterned skirt, make sure that you use a top with only one color. Otherwise, your appearance looks too festive.

Pinky Skirt

There are many girls who like the color pink. If you are one of them, you will really like this pink color. Try combining it with a blouse or with a white and pink blazer. You will look like Legally Blonde and your appearance will be very cute.

Red Skirt

The color red is a symbol of courage and self-confidence. If you feel that way, you deserve to wear this red skirt. You can combine it with black for a more serious impression, or combine it with white or a patterned top.

Leather Skirt

Skirts with leather, no matter what color is, are the right choice for you to feel bolder and stronger. Leather is a material that will pull the sexiness inside of you. Moreover, it is also a strong material that can last longer than other material –as long as you know how to maintain it well-.

Now you are ready to go the office with the magnificent skirt pencil! Have you decided which one is the best?


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