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Women’s Work Blouses and Tops Recommendations

Blouses are the best kinds of clothes that you can wear for work. You can wear only the blouse for work, or...

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Blouses are the best kinds of clothes that you can wear for work. You can wear only the blouse for work, or wear it underneath your blazer that has the same types of colour that can match the pair of your overall outfit. In this article, I will show you some of the blouses and tops recommendations for women. You can wear these blouses and tops for formal occasions or your daily work activities. We will provide you with some recommendations for blouses and tops that can make you look stylish. Therefore, you will be looking fresh on your daily work activities.

We understand that some types of clothing can affect our mood. It can change your mood according to what types of clothes that you wear. Therefore, it is very important to make sure you wear suitable types of clothes for you to create the right impression and lightens up your mood throughout the day of your working hours. Are you excited? Want to know more about it? If so, then let’s get started!

Plain Tops


Plain tops are safe to be worn on formal occasions, such as in a work environment. It is safe because with plain tops you can be effortlessly looking put together without being afraid of looking too much. Plain tops also can make you have more opportunities to experiment with many kinds of accessories, just like the image above. Plain tops are simple to be worn for daily activities and easy to be mix-matched with. You can also wear these plain tops underneath your patterned blazers too!

What makes these plain tops special are because even though the tops are plain with no pattern on them, the tops still have accents, such as the V neck accent and also the accent in the arm. Therefore, the plain tops can be worn both alone or underneath your work blazers too. You can find these plain tops on amazon with the name “roswear Women’s Casual V Neck Cuffed Sleeves Solid Chiffon Blouse Top”. There are many variations of designs from these plain tops that you can choose from based on your needs.

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Elegant Patterned Blouse Tops


These blouse tops have an elegant design. It is suitable to be worn for your work office day. The colours are neutral and can be matched with any colours of blazers that you have. You can also wear this blouse like the picture above. However, it is not appropriate to wear ripped jeans to your work office. So you can match it with pants or trousers that are well-tailored to fit your legs. You can wear denim with black or navy colour for work. Also, matching these blouse tops with skirts in any colours that you like is a good option too!

You can find these blouse tops on amazon with the name “Laqeyko Women Cap Sleeve V Neck 2021 Summer Work Casual Elegant Blouse Top”. There are many options of the blouse tops patterns that you can choose based on your likings, such as sunflower patterns, stripes, or even the plain ones. The materials of the blouse tops are made of 100% Rayon. The comfy fabric will make it a cool outfit for spring and summer. The clothes can be worn as casual wear, for work, at the weekend, for travel, party, shopping, running, yoga, fitness, exercise clothes, etc.

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Polka Dots Blouse


Bored of having the same old neutral colour blouse? If so, then this yellow polka dots blouse can be your best option that is worth trying for you! The bright colour of yellow will make you instantly look cheerful, energized, and can erase your gloomy mood just in a second. If you have a bad day, just smile, wear your bright coloured blouse, and then boom! You will instantly feel a lot happier. Even though your problem will not go away in a second, but at least if you train your mind to be happy if you want it to be, you can also trick your mind too. Therefore, the trick or hack that you give to your brain by wearing bright coloured clothes will make your mind can produce a happier mood for you to go through your day!

The blouses have the name “roswear Women’s Polka Dots Roll Tab Long Sleeve Blouse Shirt” that you can find on amazon. They have many variations of designs that you can choose from. However, I think this yellow blouse is superb! You should definitely check them out. The materials of the blouses make the blouses lightweight and breathable. These chiffon blouses are slightly sheer, flowy and comfy. You can wear it outside or as an undershirt with your blazers.

Long Sleeve Button-Up Silk Blouse


This silk blouse is very aesthetic and made of high-quality material. You can find this blouse on Nordstrom with the name “Hazy Blossom Long Sleeve Button-Up Silk Blouse”. The brand is called Vince. Synonymous with a modern, timeless aesthetic, Vince continually creates iconic essentials with a focus on distinctive design, enduring style and uncompromising quality. This brand only using only the finest fabrics. It can comprise high-quality pieces for women and men with an always-on-the-go lifestyle. The fabric will make it comfortable to wear at any time. Also, the design is very timeless and classic. You can pair it with your blazers of a neutral colour like black or navy, and also pair it with soft colours like beige, nude, or olive.

Side Bow Tie Blouses


These side bow tie blouses are very attractive to wear because it has a unique accent that can add a good impression to your outfit. The lightweight material of the blouses will make them suitable to wear in summer or spring. The blouses are good to be mixed and matched with your skirt, pants, high heels, pumps, etc. The design of the blouses makes these casual blouses great for vintage and elegant look. You can find the blouses with many variations of colours and designs on amazon with the name “SheIn Women’s Casual Side Bow Tie Neck Short Sleeve Blouse Shirt Top”.

All in all, I hope you can find the best type of blouses and tops that are suitable for you to be worn daily, such as at your workplace. To receive more tips and pieces of information from this site, make sure to stay tuned and see you on the next articles!


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