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Welcome, everyone! Since we are currently still on the pandemic, most of us are still working from home. So, from this article,...

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Welcome, everyone! Since we are currently still on the pandemic, most of us are still working from home. So, from this article, I will show you how to style your outfit while working from home. When we are doing our work from home, we want to feel comfortable and also look presentable at the same time. Putting a work outfit when we want to start working or studying something can also stimulate our brain to change the mood and attitudes so that we can get our work done more quickly and effectively. So, even though we are only working from home or studying from home, even, we still need to look decent to create a certain mood. So that outfit look can make us ready to work. These are some of the work from home outfit ideas that you need to check out. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Outfit 1


Basic tees layered with a cardigan is a good option for your work from home outfit. Wearing basic tees only is actually also good to work from home. But if you are the type to get cold easily, especially in the morning, you can wear a simple and comfortable lightweight cardigan to your outfit. You can wear jogger pants, shorts, jeans (ripped or not is up to you), denim, or leggings depending on what you feel comfortable wearing. This outfit looks decent and comfortable but still presentable to be presented on your online meeting camera. Since you are working from home, there is no need to think about the footwear that we want to wear.

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Outfit 2


Wearing an overall like this image is actually also suitable for your working from home activity. This outfit allows you to move freely while being productive at the same time. Make sure to buy clothes with a soft garment that will be very comfortable to wear while you are working at home. Clothes made of soft garment will boost your productivity. Because not only it has a light texture on your skin, but it is also soft and comfortable to wear. You can match the overall with different kinds of tees every day if you want some type of fresh looks now and then.

Outfit 3


The combination of a sweatshirt and a pair of leggings can be a suitable option for you. While working at home, this type of outfit is very comfy to wear. This outfit is very nice to wear for working at home. You can also exercise and or going outside of your house with this type of outfit without feeling awkward at all. You can combine your sweatshirt with leggings so that you can start an active working day for yourself. This is a very ready-to-go outfit. Simple but very presentable at the same time. To be honest, this type of outfit is also my favourite. I wear it almost every day since I am also working from home. This type of outfit is very easy to wear, very presentable, and practical at the same time. That is why it is also my personal favourite type of outfit while working at home.

Outfit 4


Wearing a cardigan like this picture above is also very comfortable for working from home. You can have a very comfortable outfit while working by wearing this wool cardigan for your working from home outfit. Also, you can pair your wool cardigan with a pair of jeans just like the picture above. Jeans, especially the blue ones, will make your outfit looks super casual. But since it is working from the home outfit, so it is okay to wear jeans. Wearing something comfortable must be your priority too. Especially while working from home.

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Accessories To Wear

After the little tips that I gave, now you might ask, “That’s it? What about the accessories?” I know those types of questions will arise. Because as women, we tend to wear accessories and jewellery to add some spice to our appearance and outfit. However, since it is for working from a home outfit, there is no definite rule for you actually. The keyword is actually only one, which is to feel COMFORTABLE while working at home. So, if you like to wear chunks of jewellery, go for it! I personally recommend wearing simple kinds of accessories, such as tiny bracelet/s, necklace, a pair of earrings or studs, and a small type of watch. For me, when it comes to fashion, I think it is better to have a mindset of less is more. But at the end of the day, you just need to go with what you feel comfortable with. And since this is for working from home, we can just wear any type of footwear that we want (and even not wearing any footwear at all!). We can wear a pair of slippers, or maybe a pair of heels if you want to. That’s okay too! As long as you feel comfortable doing so.

Why Is It Important To Dress Up Even When We Are At Home?

Maybe this is one of the types of questions that filled your head. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, that our brain responds to different kinds of clothes that we wear. The way you dress up can affect your mood and mind. Therefore, changing your clothes into something more decent will definitely add to your productivity. With that being said, we need to change our clothes into something more decent if we want to get our work done. Because even when we don’t meet anyone while working, our brain is still actively responding to what we wear. So, if you are still working with your pyjamas, chances are you are doing your work less productive compared to your friends who change their clothes first to something more work or study-ready. So, changing your clothes into a more decent one is like one of the ‘tricks’ or ‘hacks’ for your brain to be more ready to get your work done. I hope this article can help you. Stay tuned to receive more tips!


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