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The Best Work Skirts for Women to Get a More Productive Days

For women, having variety in clothes is the key to looking beautiful every day, so it doesn’t get boring. Therefore, there are...

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For women, having variety in clothes is the key to looking beautiful every day, so it doesn’t get boring. Therefore, there are lots of clothes that are released almost every time to meet the needs of women. Starting from tops, pants, shoes to skirts. For some career women, the presence of a skirt plays an important role while working in the office. Either you are accountants, teachers, midwives, bank employees, singers, and so on, you deserve work skirts for women.

No wonder the skirt model continues to grow from year to year. Before discussing further, it would be nice to know the work skirts for women models to use as a reference. More than that, to make it easier for you to determine the skirt cut model suitable for your body shape right away, here is an explanation of the latest skirt models. 


Curvy Work Skirts for Women

If you have a curvy body shape, it is better to use this skirt model. It has a design that follows your curves from the waist to the knees. Thus this curvy model will emphasize your body shape. 

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A line 

The a-line cut skirt model has a shape like a letter a. So at the bottom it widens. This skirt is suitable for women who have a body shape like a pear.  Which part of the stomach is larger than the legs. Using a line will help you to look stylish and feminine. 


It has a straight and firm cut, making the span model suitable for those of you who have an hourglass and square body shape. Most span skirts do not have a pattern or plain. This will make you look proportional with a blend of blazers or suits. 


The pleated skirt model has been on the rise for some time now. The folds that circle will disguise your great body shape. If you know, pleat also has two models, namely a line and span. Compared to other models, the pleat model is lighter. 

High waist 

This high waist is not much different from the line. The bottom also has a wide cut. However, the difference is that the high waist has the top to the stomach. So it covers the stomach. To look beautiful, you better wear clothes that fit and wear a shirt that you tuck into a skirt. After knowing the five types of skirt models, you can adjust them to your body posture. 


Regardless of your posture, you can use all types of skirt models above. With a note can combine with the appropriate boss. It’s time to look confident with the latest styles. Make your work time fun by wearing your favorite skirt. Look professional and energetic in completing office work. 


As a woman who is considerate before buying a skirt, here I will provide a skirt recommendation for the office for you. 


Marks & Spencer Linear Pleated A-Line Work Skirts for Women

Jual Trendyol Pocket Detail A-Line Skirt Original | ZALORA Indonesia ®

Like other skirts, pleated skirts are also suitable for work. The material is light, and the colors are neutral, which will support your casual appearance every day. Marks & Spencer Linear Pleated A-Line Skirt is ready to accompany your days during work. With the usual comfort of a pleated skirt, you will feel at home using it for a long time. This skirt also deserves to be among the skirts that are perched on your closet hanger. 

H&M Jersey Pencil Skirt 

Knee-length pencil skirt - Black - Ladies | H&M

H&M products continue to flood the Indonesian fashion market. Even now, it creates a skirt to go to the office with a very trendy model. With a zipper detail on the back and made of polyester and viscose. A neat-cut skirt in black gives a formal impression and attracts attention. 

New Look Petite Pink Floral Print Bodycon Midi Skirt 

Petite Pink Floral Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress | New Look

Are you tired of plain skirts and formal looks? New Look Petite Pink Flora Print Bodycon Midi Skirt is present in the middle of the latest model skirt with a touch of floral motif. Besides looking different, using this skirt will make you look fresh and cheerful. This skirt piece sticks to curves according to your body. Made with stretch fabric and curvy style. 

Upton Girl Grosgrain Tape Waist Lace Skirt 

Para Office Lady Wajib Memiliki 10 Rekomendasi Rok Kerja Wanita Terbaru untuk Memaksimalkan Performa Kerja

Going to the office in pants every day seems very boring. It would help if you tried to look different with this Upton Girl Grosgrain Tape Waist Lace Skirt. Unlike other skirts. This skirt is attractively designed with brocade accents that many people are interested in these days. Even though it has a lace-like bottom, the work skirts for women don’t reduce the politeness of going to the office at all. You can use a plain shirt or an outer made of soft material to make it look cuter. 

Cardinal Femme Skirt 

Jual Cardinal Femme Pencil Skirt Original | ZALORA Indonesia ®

Cardinal Femme Skirt has a minimalist design with dark colors. There are three accents of dead studs in a row on the left side that will make your look semi-formal. You can combine it with a white blouse with a clear pattern. This cardinal skirt is made of polyester and has a slit on the left side parallel to the dead buttons. 

Cotton On Luxe Rouche Midi Skirt Buy Cotton On brown Stella Knit Midi Skirt for Women in MENA, Worldwide | 2051245-02

If you have a petite body, you can choose the Cotton On Luxe Rouche Midi Skirt. Made of premium cotton, it will make you look fashionable and fun. The Cotton On Luxe Rouche Midi Skirt features a rouche detail that reaches knee length. Anyone will look elegant and sexy. You can combine it with work shoes made of canvas for a classy look. 

Marks & Spencer Scuba Floral Print Pencil Midi Skirt 

Scuba Floral Print Pencil Midi Skirt | M&S Collection | M&S

Paying attention to outfits while working is very necessary for career women like you. Marks & Spencer Scuba Floral Print Pencil Midi Skirt creates a new model with floral details and slits on the back. If you like full-color outfits, this skirt is for you. The combination of pink, yellow, red, and black colors makes the Marks & Spencer Scuba Flora Print Pencil Midi Skirt seem lively. For maximum results, you can use a light-colored suit, for example, red. 

Zalora High Low Skirt

Jual ZALORA WORK Asymmetrical Hem Skirt Original | ZALORA Indonesia ®

This polyester skirt has two pockets on the sides of the skirt. If you are a woman who likes pastel colors, this skirt can be a solution to your confusion about buying a skirt. This product from Zalora is knee-length. The color is muted and not patterned will make the wearer look girly and elegant. Moreover, it is equipped with neutral-colored heels. Be perfect on a happy day. This is a skirt recommendation for work. 


Have you thought about which work skirts for women to buy? Whatever it is, adjust to your taste. As an office worker, having a collection of skirts is an obligation. However, on the other hand, you can combine it with other work outfits in your closet. Be a career woman with a fashionable look now through work skirts for women.



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