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Best Backpack Idea for All the Travellers

Do you like traveling with the best backpack idea? Traveling is one of the most enjoyable hobbies.  No wonder many people love...

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Do you like traveling with the best backpack idea? Traveling is one of the most enjoyable hobbies.  No wonder many people love this activity.  Whether male or female, traveling remains an addictive activity.  The traveler’s journey is indeed very diverse.  Some enjoy the natural beauty of the country, stopping from one place to another with enthusiasm.  Some choose to explore magical places abroad.

Traveling is one solution that you can choose to neutralize your tired mind with piling deadlines.  Please hurry up to finish it.  Take a few days off to enjoy the waves on the calm beach, breathe the cool air in the highlands, or enjoy the musical sound of waterfalls.

However, enjoying the trip and the natural beauty, there are also some things that you need to prepare.  This is nothing but to make it easier for you to complete your needs while traveling.  Be it a team or solo traveling; you should be able to prepare some of these things without exception.  What, anyway, needs to be ready?  Here are the items you will need:

Best Traveling Backpack

This backpack is very functional once to accommodate your luggage.  This backpack is the main item that you must carry.  By carrying a backpack, you can include your items in one place.  Your trip will be practical and efficient if you take a backpack.  There are many types of backpacks, but you can use a career or backpack for a traveler like you.

The decision to choose to bring a career or backpack, you can adjust to your needs.  The backpack has a smaller size and is intended for travelers who do not carry a lot of luggage.  While the carrier can accommodate up to 75L, it is usually used by mountain children.


Bring enough clothes.  Don’t overload your bag by carrying too many clothes.  Choose clothes that you like and are comfortable to wear.  Adjust to the temperature where you are traveling.  You wear casual clothes so that your adventure feels fun.


This is a mandatory requirement that must be in your bag.  Prepare medicine such as cold medicine, dizziness medicine, red medicine, cotton, duct tape, and if you have a disease, it is better to prepare the medicine.  This is to anticipate illness during survival.


Like what you planned from the start.  How much you must prepare for this trip.  Money is a vital need so that you can carry out your travel plans.  To not experience a lack of budget while traveling, try to make a breakdown of your needs so that it is clear how many thousands you should have in your wallet or ATM.

Private document

What kind of documents are needed?  You only need to prepare personal documents such as a passport or ID card to complete your identity.  Because in some tourist attractions it is obligatory to show your identity, one of which is by showing your ID card.

Sanitary equipment

As with other necessities, sanitation equipment must also be perched in the bag.  During traveling, you need to clean yourself from body sweat after the trip.  The Sanitary equipment you need to bring is soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, facial wash, hand sanitizer, and a comb.  Put these sanitary utensils in a small pouch for easy access.

For a woman traveler, of course, very concerned about appearance.  However, it would be best to look beautiful when traveling, including looking cool because of the backpack worn.  For that, here I recommend a woman traveler backpack idea that will accompany your traveling.

Crux 20 WS Best Traveling BackpackCRUX 20 WS

Crux 20 WS is an Eiger product that is ready to accompany your trip while traveling.  This fashionable yet versatile best traveling backpack has a 20L payload.  It has padding on the strap, so it is comfortable and doesn’t hurt when you wear it.  It has details of 2 pockets for bottle holders, one front pocket, one large compartment, and a compression strap for the safety of your bag.  This backpack made of Polyester has premium quality, and you can make a solution for your traveling needs.

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Shoreside 24L Eco


Similar to the Crux 20 WS, the Shoreside 24L Eco best traveling backpack is part of the Eiger.  This bag is designed as a form of concern for the environment.  Shoreside 24L Eco is made from PET plastic bottles that are recycled to reduce waste on this earth.  With water repellent material, this bag is sophisticated because it can hold water with a small intensity.

This backpack has the latest design so that it makes you look cool and trendy.  The Shoreside 24L Eco has plenty of room for you to maximize your belongings.  There is a front pocket with mesh material, two side pockets, and it is equipped with a zipper.  While in the main compartment, it is equipped with a bag to store a laptop with 14 “.

Fjallraven Kanken Art

Jual Fjallraven Kanken Art 23610-971 Tas Ransel Wanita - Spring Landscape -  Kota Semarang - toko quilinee | Tokopedia

Kanken Art is back with its newest bag model.  This time Fjallraven offers an exciting design for you.  Pastel colors and patterns make the Kanken Art look suitable for woman travelers.  This lightweight backpack made from Vinylon F and G-1000 is the hallmark of Fjallraven this time.  Modern design with the right color combination makes this backpack look elegant.  Ready to accompany traveling anywhere.

Elizabeth Bag Johanna Backpack


Jual Elizabeth Bag Johanna Backpack Wanita - Kota Medan - ester'shop |  TokopediaIndonesian women must be familiar with this one brand.  Elizabeth this time issued a bag made of premium quality canvas.  Elizabeth Bag Johanna Backpack now comes with a simple but versatile design.  As you wish, you can use this bag to go to the office, travel, to school.  It has a spacious main compartment also equipped with a rubberized pocket that you can use for a drink. If you are a fan of casual designs, this bag will add to your charisma among your other outfits.

Herschel Settlement Flower Orange


Jual Backpack Herschel Settlement Flower Orange - Jakarta Barat - Toko Tas  Ardi | TokopediaHerschel Settlement Flower Orange is suitable for those of you who like patterned backpacks.  Because this backpack has a whole motif on the front view.  Bright colors with floral accents depict happiness for anyone who uses it.  Herschel Settlement Flower Orange has one large room and one small pocket on the front.

Bielsa Three Black Triangel


If you like freestyle models, then this bag is for you.  There are two straps that you can use for style.  If you are bored with the bag’s position on your back, you can use a small rope to carry this bag.  It has an iconic polka-dot design and will not be old-fashioned because this one design is patent for all time.  This Flashy backpack has dimensions of 38cm x 27cm x 12cm.  Made of lightweight parachute with the best quality. These are the recommendations for backpacks for female travelers.  You can choose any according to your taste.  Choose one of the best backpack idea and get ready to travel. 



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