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Business Casual Outfits for Spring Tips

Welcome to this article! I have some new tips for you in this article. If you have seen some of my previous...

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Welcome to this article! I have some new tips for you in this article. If you have seen some of my previous articles, I have talked a lot about outfit tips on any occasions and seasons. Today in this article, I will specifically talk about tips on what to wear for a spring business casual outfit. With the temps warming up and lots of rainstorms, you can transition your wardrobe to lighter colours, such as pastels, whites, and nudes. Also, add lighter fabrics to your wardrobe. I bet you will like what I want to talk about. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Styling Tips for The Office

Since this is a business casual outfit tips, it is nice for you to keep your looks pretty casual. Make sure they can easily be worn out of the office as well. Anyway, since most of us still work from home nowadays, I think these tips can also be applicable to you. But if you are working from home, I think you don’t need to wear and choose some pairs of footwear and shoes that you want to wear for your work from home. You can keep these footwear tips when we start to work offline again, though.

To dress up a look, generally, you can simply layer it with a blazer for a more professional look. Be sure to always keep your shoes professional. The number one rule is to wear no open-toe shoes.

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For footwear, you can wear a pair of good pumps or pointed toe flats if you want a professional yet flattering look. Meanwhile, for jewellery, I recommend sticking to studs or a classic pair of earrings and or a minimal necklace.

Wear Silk Blouse


Silk blouse made of a good quality garment falls so beautifully in your body. It instantly dresses up any look. You can pair it with jeans based on your favourite type (straight or skinny leg). Levi’s brand has many kinds of jeans that you might want to check. They are nice but still affordable, very suitable for your daily wear. As long as your jeans do not have rips on them, I think it is still acceptable to wear for a business casual outfit. However, remember to always make sure about your occasions too! What type of occasions that you want to attend? Does it has any specific dress code or not? You have to check about that too.

Wear Light Shade of Colours


Not everyone is a fan of a light shade of colours when it comes to outfitting options. However, if you are not used to it, you should try to wear a light shade of colours as your outfit at least once in your lifetime! Because it is actually going to be a good option for you. The light shade of pink, taupe, and nude are shades of colours that are very nice to try. They will make you look more feminine. You can layer your clothes with a blazer with matching colours. Also, you can wear a pair of good jeans or denim with pumps just like the picture above.

Wear Ankle Pants


Whether you worn ankle pants for dressy or casual, the ankle pants are sure to make a statement for your outfit. Especially if you are petite, ankle pants are so complimentary for petites! You can also add a belt to make your outfit looks less bland. I think it is good to collect many variations of belt that you can mix and match with your outfit whenever you want to. A simple belt can add a taste to your outfit and make it look more tastefully. Ankle pants are also can be worn with any types of footwear. We can have many options of footwears if we wear ankle pants. They also pair well with both heels and flats. So, you don’t have to worry about hemming your pants.

Printed Tops


You can change up your business casual outfits by breaking out of standard workwear. If your workplace allows you, I think it is nice to try wearing printed tops once in a while. You can even make your workwear even more fun with pants in different colours, not only by the classic blue or black jeans and denim! Adding many types of accessories, such as watches, rings, bracelets, a necklace, and a bag like the picture above will also make your overall look becomes more interesting. You can also add a pair of good earrings, such as a pair of earring studs if you want to.

Printed Blazer


If you feel bored with your plain blazer, you can change your look now with a patterned blazer like the picture above. You can wear a plain blouse underneath your blazer so the colour and pattern of your blouse do not mismatch with your blazer.

Where to Shop Recommendations

There are many recommended shops that you can visit to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories for your business casual outfits. You can buy your clothes (tops and pants) on and There are many options of clothes that you can choose from. They have a very affordable price. You can wear clothes from their store for your daily activities. For your footwear recommendation, you can try to buy them on because that store has many variations of footwear options that you can choose from. also has many variations of shoes, belts, accessories (such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and bags), and clothes that you can from. The clothes from talbots mostly are more suitable if you are searching for a timeless outfit, elegant, and formal business type of clothes. However, I think it is nice if you are still checking the website. Because it has many beautiful collections that you will not want to miss out on. So, check them out, okay! If you like personalized items, you can check because that website I think is the best when it comes to personalized items. For bags, you can find it on as it is a specified website that is working for creating bags.

I hope the tips that I shared with you in this article can help you sort out your clothing tips. If you like what you read, please wait for the next article!


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