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Business Casual Outfits for Winter Tips

Hello, welcome! If you see my previous post, I was talking about a business casual outfit for summer. Now, in this article,...

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Hello, welcome! If you see my previous post, I was talking about a business casual outfit for summer. Now, in this article, I will talk about a business casual outfit for winter for women. Usually, in summer, we tend to keep ourselves feeling airy and comfortable by wearing breathable fabrics for our skin. However, in winter, we tend to do the opposite of what we do in summer by trying to keep our body warm as much as possible. Therefore, with this mindset in mind, of course, we can already guess the way we dress for the business casual outfit throughout the winter season is going to be different than what we usually wear during summer. So, we need to know the necessary dress code for a business casual outfit that we have to not only match the style for the winter season but also to keep ourselves warm during the winter season. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Wear Dark Colour Clothes


The more you can wear darker coloured clothes, or even all-black, the better. As I said in my previous article, the summer tips one, the black colour absorbs all the light and reflects little to none. That is why it converts more heat and make it the perfect colour you can wear in winter! The darker shade of colour, the more heat an object absorbs. Meanwhile, the lighter the colour, the less heat it absorbs. So, you can save the light coloured clothes that you have during winter and wear dark clothes during other seasons. Meanwhile, you can wear the darker coloured clothes that you have during winter to let them absorbs every heat to keep you warm. Besides, black is also known as a flattering colour that can go well with many other colours and any types of jewellery. By wearing the black coloured outfit, it is very easy for you to mix and match your clothes with other colours. You can also wear any types of jewellery and accessories based on your likings and still looking good by wearing black coloured clothes. As black is a neutral colour that goes well with anything. Black clothes exude a mysterious and mature aura for the wearer. You can match it with grey like the picture above or with white for a monochrome theme outfit.

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Keep Yourself Looking Classic


In a formal or semi-formal setting, you can wear a classic type of clothes for a safe option for your outfit based on the dress code of the events. Black is also one of the neutral colours that are known for its elegance and simplicity. Only by wearing this colour, you can exude so much of your great quality. These are some of the reasons why you should wear black clothes, especially during winter. I will explain it later in this article. One of the reasons why you should wear black clothes is because black coloured clothes flatter every skin tone. Black clothes also can be an elegant colour choice for you. If you want to look classy while wearing black clothes during the winter season, you can add some little pieces of jewellery here and there. Make sure that it does not look too much. For the jewellery, I think it is nicer for you if you only add a watch with some tiny bracelets of any kind. If you want to wear a necklace, it is better to only wear a maximum of 3 layers of necklace on your neck to make you still look classy and not too much. A small pair of earrings is also a good option to add to your winter outfit. I am a fan of looking simple and not too much in fashion. So that I can look chic but effortless at the same time. In short less is more for me when it comes to fashion. My fashion option is categorized as something in between classy in chic. You can also apply these tips for formal, semi-formal, or business casual occasions that you want to attend!

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Wear A Suitable Handbag for You


For some women, a handbag can have many variations of purpose besides carrying her belongings. A good handbag that is made of nice materials and good design can be a statement handbag for her, and also a great collection. However, if you want to go for a job interview, a big black handbag is going to help you a lot. Because we need to take our portfolios with us when we go for a job interview. By wearing a big black (or any colour that you like) handbag, you can just put all of your belongings into one multipurpose bag of yours. Moreover, you can wear a big black handbag as an addition to one of the accessories on your daily outfit for all of your work outfits for winter. This big black handbag is very useful because it fits with work styles very nicely. Make sure the detail of the handbag that you wear is the appropriate one to wear in your work environment. A big black handbag with gold details on it looks very elegant to wear. Also, it fits very nicely with gold earrings and rings.

Choose Comfortable Footwear


Everybody has their own different kinds of likings when it comes to the pair of footwear they want to wear. As long as the shoes still look decent and make you feel comfortable, then just go for it! Shoes are things that can complete your overall looks. Anyone can have their own preferences. However, I think wearing shoes that have a sturdy block heel can be more comfortable to wear during winter.

The Reasons Black Colour is A Good Colour to Wear

Throughout this article, you can see how many times I always tell you to wear black colour clothes. Because black colour clothes are really that nice for you and you need to at least wear them once. These are some of the reasons why you should try wearing black colour especially during winter:

  • Black colour clothes are figure-flattering.
  • It makes you look expensive.
  • It can camouflage any stains.
  • Black colour never goes out of style.

I hope this article can help you. Stay tuned for the next article!


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