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Fancy and Cool Dr Marten Shoe Ideas

Are you looking for the right shoes? The Dr Marten shoe ideas can be your choice. Nowadays, shoes have become a necessity...

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Are you looking for the right shoes? The Dr Marten shoe ideas can be your choice.

Nowadays, shoes have become a necessity for all women in Indonesia. Over time, many companies have issued contemporary shoe designs. They compete with each other with the quality of the products produced. You are starting from local and foreign products. You can choose according to your needs and tastes. Don’t make the wrong choice of product. Today there are many counterfeit products. For that, you have to be more selective when buying shoes.

Why Dr Marten?

However, if you are looking for a well-known foreign shoe brand, you are not reading this wrong. You can use Dr. Martens as an option. This British outdoor shoe is everyone’s dream shoe. No exception, men or women. Do not be surprised if every time Dr. Martens released the latest shoe designs. Whoever you are must try the comfort of these shoes.

Because it always releases new products every year, of course, there are many excellent products that you can choose from. Women will pay attention to details starting from the quality and model of the shoes. This moment is just right for you. Until now, Dr. Martens has created hundreds of shoe models that have mushroomed in various countries. So, are you confused about which shoes to buy? Don’t worry. Here will be reviewed in more detail about the superior products from Dr. Martens. Immediately, here is a selection of the best Dr. Marten shoes for women.
1461 Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes

These shoes are made of leather that has a stiff texture and looks shiny. It supports your casual appearance throughout the year. Dr. Martens’s signature yellow welt stitch makes your shoe look sleek and eye-catching. The rope that is not too long also gives a minimalist impression.

1461 Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes have many color variations. Including Black, white, yellow, green, blue, red, cherry red, acid pink, purple, peppermint green, and navy.

Dr Marten Shoe Ideas : Rick Owens Bex Suede Lace Up Boots

Dr. Martens 1460 Bex Suede Lace Up Boot Rick Owens - Sneakers
Rick Owens Bex Suede Lace Up Boots are the newest product from Dr Martens shoe ideas. This exclusive product only releases one color, namely light taupe hi suede or light gray. These shoes feature Goodyear-welted stripes that are sealed at 700°C and reinforced with signature Dr. Martens stitching. This 1 inch high and 1 3/8 inch heel height has several advantages. Among them are lightweight and waterproof. The shoe sizes offered are sizes 36 – 43. These types of boots make you look more fresh and passionate. Immediately have this exclusive product now.

Devon Heart Leather Platform Boots

Dr. Martens shoe ideas are constantly upgrading shoe products every time. This time, Devon Heart Leather Platform Boots is in your midst and ready to accompany your activities. These DIY-inspired boots have spread to various countries. These shoes are embellished with two crisscrossed laces and an eye-catching heart buckle on each. Devon Heart Leather Platform Boots are made of a fine-grained Milled Nappa material like pebble leather polished with a glossy finish. You can feel the comfort of your feet when wearing these shoes because they have soft cushions. It makes you look charming and classy with a shoe height of 1 inch and a heel height of 1 7/8 inch. Devon Heart Leather Platform Boots has four color variants: white, black, fuchsia, and milled with size guide 36-43.

Adrian Smooth Leather Tassel Loafers

min a fondo Sermone dr martens adrian tassel marmellata Rudyard Kipling perdere
Adrian Smooth Leather Tassel Loafers were first released in the 1980s. However, until now, the same model does not reduce the glamor of this shoe. Having double tassel accents and kiltie edges makes anyone who wears these shoes look classic and casual. You can use these unisex slip-on shoes to go to the office or other parties. Its excellent and luxurious design makes this shoe multifunctional. Ready to accompany every step of your daily journey. Adrian Smooth Leather Tassel Loafers only have one color, polished black smooth with the same shoe size as the others.

Keith Haring 1461 Printed Leather Oxford Shoes

Are you a woman who likes patterned shoes? It feels right if you wear these shoes. There is no match; shoes from Dr. These Dr Marten shoe ideas look aesthetic and artistic. Keith Haring 1461 printed leather oxford shoes have a white base color and black pattern. They are printed with a superior design of the iconic herring character. Made of stiff leather, but has a smooth appearance. There is a simple black strap that makes Keith Haring’s shoes look elegant. At the same time, the heel is equipped with black and yellow tags.

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These shoes only have one color, namely black + smooth white leather. The stitches that encircle the shoes certainly strengthen this Keith Haring. It’s a waste of time if you’re a fan of Dr. Martens’ products but don’t own these shoes. It’s time to look narcissistic with Keith Haring 1461 printed leather oxford shoes.

8065 Smooth Leather Mary Jane Shoes
Trying to flashback to the 1980s, Dr. Martens attempted to create an eccentric shoe by combining the classic T-bar fastener with the AirWair thing that makes the shoe strong. A glossy color composition will help you look perfect and be the center of attention, according to the excellence of Dr. shoes. Martens, these shoes are made of smooth leather with yellow stitching that continues to adorn this Smooth Leather Mary Jane. The stiff material will help you look bold and charismatic. There are two crossed straps with artistic buckles making these shoes look very cute when you wear them.

According to the official website, smooth Leather Mary Jane has two color variations, namely black soft leather and smooth white leather. With size guide 36-43. It’s time to look casual with Smooth Leather Mary Jane.

Dante Leather Casual Dr Marten Shoe Ideas

Dante Leather Casual Shoes is here to accompany your minimalist monochrome look in elegant white color. If you like to hang out with your friends, you can make these shoes your choice to accompany your footsteps. Dante Leather Casual is made of premium leather. Unlike the others, this shoe has a soft texture. You will also feel comfortable during use because these shoes have a unique air cushion composition from Dr. Martens. With white Venice color, Dante Leather Casual will make you look confident and contemporary. Following the standard size guide, Dr. Martens Dante Leather Casual has sizes from 36 to 43.

Hence, this is the choice of the best Dr. Marten shoes for Indonesian women. How to care is very easy. Dr. Martens, you only need to clean the dirt using a damp cloth of all types of shoes. You can also apply polish to keep the color of the shoes fresh. Also, use buffs to make your shoes light up.

It’s time for Indonesian women to be stylish with the products of Dr Martens shoe ideas. Looking trendy with a casual model will make your days more minimalist and lighter.



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