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Floral Dr Marten Shoes for Hanging Out with Friends

The pandemic has not over yet, but you can still hang out with friends as long as you apply the social distancing...

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The pandemic has not over yet, but you can still hang out with friends as long as you apply the social distancing and keep wearing a mask. When you are hanging out, do not forget the shoes. It will make a huge difference once you have a good pair of shoes. Floral dr marten shoes are one of the good options.

Dr. Marten is known for edgy shoes with stylish and unique patterns. The floral design creates a playful nuance that turns out not too feminine so that you can combine it with any outfit! If you want to have a trendy and cheerful look, let’s see some floral Dr. Marten shoe recommendations we gather below.

Pastel Color Floral Dr Marten Shoe Pattern


We guess that this pattern is famous for the 60’s wall. However, turns out it also good enough for being on your feet! This pattern creates humble looks, yet also eye-catchy. You can combine these floral pattern shoes with the pastel shirt and jeans. Or, you can look more feminine and mature with the skirt and also an oversized blouse.

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The Junior Delaney Floral Canvas

Some people will think that the design is not that mature. Yet, if you dare to be different, this is a good choice! We recommend these shoes to be paired with monotonous and monochromatic outfits. Then, the shoes will catch the attention of many people.

Nero Black Floral

We really fall in love with the idea to combine black with feminine patterns. It feels so bizarre but attractive at the same time. This pair of shoes is the answer if you want to look more bold and whimsical.

Floral Blue Dr. Marten Shoes


Dr. Martens Women Floral 1460 Blue 11821407 9 UK Regular: Shoes & Bags


Another floral pattern pair of shoes in a white shade that is as sweet as white chocolate! We really can not resist the combination of the white, red, yellow, and soft blue-ish flowers. It reminds us of the nice grandma’s backyard when we were children.

White Long Floral Boots


Another surprise from Dr. Marten! If you are too bored of the regular short boots style, you can pick this edition. This white long boot creates an eccentric look, making you like the coolest guy of the ’70s! It is not full of floral patterns, which suits you best if you love a minimalist theme. Pair it with tight jeans to create a ‘rock and rock style’.

You can always count on the floral Dr. Marten collection to make you the coolest guy in the area! Meanwhile, before you decide which Dr. Marten’s floral shoes suits you the best, we want to share short tips with you:

  • The floral DocMart shoes are best combined with the outfits in monotonous color
  • Use tight pants or a skirt to make a fancy appearance.
  • Prevent wearing the shirt in a floral pattern to make your appearance more balance
  • Do not forget to wash your DocMart shoes regularly.

Now you are ready to hang out with style by wearing a floral dr Marten shoe collection. Search on the e-commerce store to get the best offer of Dr. Marten products collection and dare to express yourself.


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