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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

It’s October and, of course, Halloween is near! Children would love to celebrate Halloween with their unique costumes. In this article, I...

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It’s October and, of course, Halloween is near! Children would love to celebrate Halloween with their unique costumes. In this article, I will show you many alternatives for Halloween costumes for kids that you can choose from. You can choose Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids that you want according to your needs! Check out this list of cute, creepy, cool, and awesome Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids to get more insights! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Girls Skeleton Reaper Costume


This girls’ skeleton costume is pretty to be worn at Halloween events or parties. It is simple but also pretty terrifying at the same time. The ribcage-print dress has a gorgeous ragged tutu skirt. It is matched with the ghostly net cape with an attached hood and comfortable skeleton-print leggings. This skeleton costume is a simple costume by itself that can be easily dressed up with face paint and accessories. You can find this gorgeous looking costume on Party Delights, the place where you can find many interesting Halloween costumes for all of your family members. Party Delights provides many variations of Halloween costumes for women, men, kids, toddlers, babies, and also the Halloween costumes accessories themselves! So, you can match up your accessories with your Halloween costumes.

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Florida Oranges Halloween Costume


This is an adorable Florida oranges Halloween costume that you can try. The costume is very unique, cute, fun-looking, and definitely will catch everyone’s attention! The materials needed to make this costume is also simple and affordable. All you need to make this Florida oranges Halloween costume are: Medium Amazon Prime box, Small Amazon Prime box, Amazon Packing Tape, Wood grain contact paper, Sticker letters to spell out “Greeting from Florida”, Small orange coloured balloons, Green tissue paper, Clear packing tape, Scissors, Stapler, Box Cutter, Glue. The materials are not difficult to find, aren’t they? Also, for further information on how to make this adorable DIY Florida oranges Halloween costume, you can visit Mommy Musings for the step by step DIY guide! That blog will provide you information that you can follow thoroughly on how to make this DIY Florida oranges Halloween costume. So, your kids can have a unique, cute, eye-catching, yet simple costume for their Halloween!

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DIY Scarecrow Costume


This scarecrow Halloween costume is relatively easy to make if you want to make a DIY costume for your kids’ Halloween events. You can simply use items that you already have on hand and add some scrap fabric to your kids’ clothes. This is a simple Halloween costume that is worth trying. The costume is not only simple but also perfect to be worn year after year! You can use these materials to make the scarecrow Halloween costume: Denim overalls, Plaid shirt, Scraps for patches (Sheets of felt, Burlap, Thrift store plaid shirt), A larger piece of felt (for hat), Raffia, Faux flowers and leaves, Hot glue gun & sticks, Scissors. Also, you can use brown eyeliner for painting seams/patches on the face and hands. For further tutorials on how to make this adorable DIY scarecrow Halloween costume, you can read the article from Where the Smiles Have Been.

Bad Clown Boy Halloween Costume


This Bad Clown Boy Halloween Costume is a great choice for your kids’ Halloween costume. This bad clown costume for boys will help your little one turn into a creepy clown this Halloween. They will look like they have just stepped straight out of the sinister circus. For more creepy details, you can add suitable creepy makeup or face painting to make the creepy vibes appear more obvious. You can get both the costume and the creepy and nightmarish makeup look from Party Delights. The costume is made of 100% Polyester. It is easy to wear and also comfortable.

Super Easy Shark Costume


This is a super easy shark costume for your kids’ Halloween events. You can make this super simple DIY Halloween costume by preparing the materials, such as 2 grey t-shirts, Double-sided extra firm iron-on interfacing, a Sewing machine or needle and thread, Permanent marker, Paper, Iron and press cloth, Scrap cardboard. It is not only simple to make but also comfortable for your kids to wear. Because this Halloween costume has a simple design, it is easy for your kids to move their bodies freely. The simple accessories of this costume will not limit your kids’ activity. They will still be able to do their activities and play as usual without worrying about their Halloween costume getting ruined. For a further tutorial on how to make this super easy DIY shark costume, you can visit Creative Green Living.

Zombie Cheerleader Girl Halloween Costume


Support Dead University with this zombie cheerleader Halloween costume! This creepy costume has a torn-edge dress in black, red and white with faux blood splatters, matched by some red and black pom poms. You can find this cheerleader Halloween costume on Party Delights. Also, you can make the creepy vibes more obvious by adding some face paint and a little fake blood. This is a very suitable Halloween costume for your kids’ creepy Halloween events.

Head in a Jar Costume


Personally, I think this is the CREEPIEST kids’ Halloween costume I have ever seen! If your kids want something a bit more on the creepy side of things, then this head in a jar costume for Halloween is sure to do the trick! This costume is suitable for kids who like to attract people’s attention to them. People will look at your kid’s costume in awe. The process of making it is fun too! For making this unique Halloween costume, you need several materials, such as an Adult Size Trench Coat, Adult Size Gloves, an Old Backpack, LOTS of Plastic Shopping Bags, Large Plastic jar (Make sure it’s big enough to fit your child’s head into it), Safety pins, Velcro, Glue, Scissors, Hot glue gun, Exacto knife, box cutter, or jigsaw. You can find the complete guide to do the DIY of this Halloween costume in Chaotically Yours.

All in all, I hope you can find the best idea for your kids’ Halloween costumes. Make sure to stay tuned to receive more fashion inspiration from this website!


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